What does the Bill of Rights have to do with Oil Production Software?

The Bill of Rights was written to protect people from a strong central government by specifically listing the rights of citizens.

When building a company around the GreaseBook app, we saw a lot of things we didn’t like about how other software companies treated their clients in the oil & gas community.

Minimum term commitments, excessive training, overcomplicated software, and experience with a (foreign staffed) help desk were all fresh in our minds…

Much like our forefathers, we wanted to guarantee certain basic rights and liberties we feel are important to independent oil & gas operator.

So, we came up with a ‘Bill of Rights’ of our own!

Not only are our clients happy to sign this document, we’re also proud to run our business this way.

Check it out below — we’ve posted it for all the world to see…

Bill of Rights

The following limitations serve to protect the natural rights of liberty and property of GreaseBook’s clients. The Articles guarantee a number of professional freedoms and prevent misconstruction and abuse of GreaseBook’s powers, while our Amendments establish some rights to ensure GreaseBook remains an ongoing entity and continues to serve the oil & gas community.

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Article 1: No operator shall be required to sign a minimum term commitment.

This amendment addresses your right to terminate your GreaseBook service at anytime, for any reason. Simply say “I quit”, square-up any outstanding debts, and walk away. (We couldn’t think of a more solid risk-reversal policy – if you can, let us know).


Article 2: Excessive training shall not be required, and no operator shall incur a training fee.

We felt from the get-go that if our software required training, we would have considered it failed software. Our product is intuitive. You’ll pick it up in seconds or minutes… not hours, days or weeks. We don’t sell you training because you don’t need it.


Article 3: No client shall incur fees for help desk calls.

At each of our client’s offices, we like to appoint one of your employees as in-house, resident expert. (We like to call them our GreaseBook “Bookies”). Your “Bookie” will serve as a liaison between GreaseBook and your company. Don’t worry: we give our Bookies lots of love (read: gifts)… they come to rather like their new title in their company.

So, what to do if a question pops up? Have your Bookie call 1-855-PUMP-OIL. Our help desk is free. We wanna help.

Article 4: No client shall ever be compelled to seek a 3rd party product or service, but shall enjoy the right to a comprehensive stand-alone solution.

What does this mean? With the exception of Microsoft Excel, you will be free from the maintenance or set-up of any peripheral product or service. Do what you do best (pump oil), and let us take care of the “other stuff”. No set-up or maintenance of your back-end servers. No consultants. No IT. Just login with whatever device you like, and go to work.

Article 5: No client shall be burdened by the task of installation of software updates.

All GreaseBook updates are delivered wirelessly, and load automatically. No CDs. No reminders. No hassles. No bull-ogna.


Article 6: The right of the client to keep and bear production data, shall not be infringed.

Your data deserves to be safe, secure, and accessible to you. You are the owner of your data — not GreaseBook. Your data is available for export any time you want it.


Article 7: Every client shall enjoy the right to full consideration of his/her input of how to increase the utility of the product.

Cool matters and usability rules the day. The good news is that GreaseBook isn’t just cool. It’s a flexible, multifunction tool that is changing the way we work.

We don’t think mobile workflows are an innovation in and of itself… we see it more as a catalyst for innovation. How can your company get the most from GreaseBook? We encourage (actually, we expect) our clients to tell us what features they would like to see in the product. As long as an operator’s idea increases the utility of the app for the majority of our clients, it’s not uncommon for an operator to see his suggestions & ideas come to life within a matter of weeks. (Yeah, we’re that fast).

Two heads are better than one. Five hundred heads are better than two. Your company stands to gain a lot in the form of shared ideas from other operators. The more operators that are involved in the development and use of GreaseBook, the more your company stands to gain in the form of great software.

So, help us help you: once you come to know us, and love us (… which you will), we hope you’ll allow us to come directly to you to ask for references of other owner/operators who may also enjoy GreaseBook. And, just so you know, we’ll never come to a client to ask for a reference unless they are 100% satisfied with the product.

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