Last month, GreaseBook did the impossible: we rolled the 15,000,000 barrel mark.

That’s right, since GreaseBook’s inception a short 2 years ago, America’s independents have scrolled, swiped, and tapped more than 15 million barrels into our modest field production app.

15MM barrels tracked via oil production software

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For our clients, that’s 15 million barrels that went ‘skim free’.  15 million bbls that were fully paid and accounted for. And, 15 million bbls that were tracked, organized, and reported with little to no intervention on behalf of the admins, engineers, and owners responsible for overseeing these operations.

Instead of pushing paper and manipulating spreadsheets, these folks were able to focus on what they do best: pumping oil.

For us — well, we feel a great sense of pride and responsibility.

Pride, because we’re bringing cost-effective solutions that make other industry software vendors curse us.

Responsibility, because so many independent operators have entrusted their production to the folks here at GreaseBook.

You see, something very interesting is happening… a surge of new methodology, ideas, human reason, and logic.

And, it’s not coming from the top down (the large, integrated operators), but from the bottom up (the small independents).

A single pumper shifts from paper to mobile. An admin back at HQ realizes she no longer has to make telephone calls to remind the pumper to ‘get his data in’.

Eventually, engineers and production supervisors start clamoring because they actually have data and graphs that make sense. The band wagon increases in size.

The things that mobile is doing are valuable and positive… it creates proactive pumpers, it alleviates minutiae from the back-office, and keeps engineers and supervisors focused on the task at hand (maximizing oil production & minimizing overhead).

And the best part?

People actually want to use this stuff.

Folks, there is no stopping this groundswell — it’s replacing processes that were forced on the field just a decade ago.

Thanks to mobile technology, independent operators are able to scale every last man hour — and squeeze every last drop of oil — from their operations.


Greg Archbald


P.S. To celebrate this liberation of the oilfield (and the number 15!), GreaseBook would like to extend a special invitation:

For a limited time, any operator who signs up  to trial the app will receive a 15% discount to be applied to his/her app subscription for the first 6 months. (The door closes Friday @ 4:59PM CST.)

As always, our 60 day / 110% money-back guarantee stands.

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