How to Set Up Scheduled Reports

Scheduled reports are generated every morning at 7AM and delivered straight to your in-box. Setting-up these reports is a snap, simply follow along! First, log in to and simply select the ‘Reports’ tab on left hand side of page. Next, select ‘Scheduled Reports’ then ‘+ New Report’. From this screen, we can name our report, select […]

Media Kit and Samples

Hello media friends. If you’re looking for photos you can use, here they are. We’re very comfortable with all formats. To give you a little background, we’ve done industry talk shows (Energy Makers Show), print features (CNBC, Hart’s E&P Magazine, American Oil & Gas Reporter, The Oklahoman), radio (Exploring Energy Show), live industry conferences (SOER MidContinent […]

Breaking news: GreaseBook rolls 15,000,000 bbls

Last month, GreaseBook did the impossible: we rolled the 15,000,000 barrel mark. That’s right, since GreaseBook’s inception a short 2 years ago, America’s independents have scrolled, swiped, and tapped more than 15 million barrels into our modest field production app. For our clients, that’s 15 million barrels that went ‘skim free’.  15 million bbls that were fully paid […]

GreaseBook mentioned on CNBC

The other day, GreaseBook got to speak with Tom DiChristopher, a journalist who covers the oil market for CNBC in New York… Tom was interested to know more about a trend he was seeing in the industry — essentially, a move toward greater emphasis on productivity measures like the GreaseBook oil production software in a […]

Oil Production Reports: Excel pumper templates by the dozen…

Given the current environment, independent operators around the country are reevaluating the way they operate their wells… Now, while we don’t have control over the price of crude, we do have direct control over the costs at which we produce it. My family has been in oil & gas for nearly 30 years. I respect the old guard. […]

Ever had a look inside a Superior Gas Engine Pump House?

My dad and I both own and operate our own software companies here in Oklahoma. My dad founded SSI (a well-known E&P accounting platform) in 1979, and I built an iPad app (GreaseBook: Production reports that don’t suck!) for oil & gas operators in 2013. That being said, we take frequent trips between Tulsa and Oklahoma […]

Oil and Gas Data Management… with an app!

Man, do we like to talk about productivity. What’s the newest software? What’s the latest horizontal drilling technique? What’s the best way to manage my field staff? How should I manage my oil and gas production data? What should I do about delegating? OMG, i need a admin assistant! However if we take a step […]