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Oil Production Software: How Oil Production Software Eliminates Human Error

Chalk it up to an apathetic pumper, overworked administration or lousy oil production software — when wells don’t produce at their full potential, you lose.

What could we know about your business? More than you might think…

According to the Oklahoma Marginal Well Commission, the average well produces 2.3 barrels of oil per day. Now, for sake of simplicity, let’s say that each well your company operates is a “marginally producing well”.

Marginal Well Pump Jack

Let’s also say that on average, every one of your pumpers manages about 10 wells.

Stay with us…

10 wells, each producing an average 2.3 bbls a day, equals 690 barrels per month.

A pumper in charge of 10 wells, on average, oversees 690 barrels of oil per month.

At $90 oil, that’s $62,100 of revenue.

At $60, that’s still $41,400. One pumper is responsible for $41,400 of revenue per month (even more if your wells’ production rates are higher than that of a marginally producing well).

That’s a lot of money.

Now, the majority of pumpers we’ve encountered are hard-working and do a damn good job. Hats off to all pumpers wherever they may be!

And, pumpers (like the rest of us) aren’t perfect. These guys have a tough job – a lot of them must visit dozens of leases a day. And just like the rest of us, they make mistakes…

Unfortunately, mistakes cost your company money.

So what can we do? How can we prevent the pumper from making silly oversights with company oil?

There is one solution we’ve found that’s works amazingly well. And the best part? The solution can be billed out over the JIB…

Ladies and gentlemen, the solution to reducing pumper oversights in the field is the GreaseBook oil and gas production software app for operators and their pumpers.

“But our guys won’t use computers in the field! They don’t want to change!” 

Well, if you tell them it’ll reduce their work load, all you’ll do is conjure up a little skepticism. However, tell’em they get a free iPad out of the deal, and we guarantee you’ll peak their interest…

Oil Production Software, as an iPad app!

You see, GreaseBook is offering a way to not only help you better manage your pumpers, but also allow your pumpers to better manage themselves.

It’s been said that any pumper worth his salt:

“shouldn’t need a lot of supervision… a good pumper should already know how to maximize a well’s production while minimizing the costs of production.”

While that may be true, the GreaseBook oil and gas production reporting software can get your guys even more organized, giving them the exact information they need to produce as much oil & gas from your fields as humanly possible.

Think of the GreaseBook oil and gas operator software as an insurance policy against:

Under production of your wells: GreaseBook gets these guys organized, and transforms pumping from an art into a science. (In fact, each pumper has his own heads up display of each well’s production decline curve on his iPad on-site, in the field.) In other words, GreaseBook will enable your guys to shift away from “putting out fires”, focusing instead on preventative maintenance.

Delayed reaction times: GreaseBook alerts your pumper and informs your office of new issues in the field, which allows your employees to prioritize their time and tend to what needs to be addressed (while ignoring the rest). Read: there’s a lot of information coming in from the oil field… you’ll only be notified of the important stuff.

Human error: GreaseBook oilfield software provides your pumpers and your office with organized and prioritized production information from which to take actionable steps to resolve any issues that may otherwise go unnoticed (or forgotten!).

Disparity in “pumping experience” among your pumpers will be a thing of the past. With GreaseBook, every last one of your pumpers (even those “green” pumpers with barely 1 or 2 years field experience), will be capable of making production decisions like a 20-year veteran of the oil field.

We know what you’re thinking….

“I’m busy… how long is this gonna take to unpack and install?” All GreaseBook iPads come preloaded, and all software updates download over the cellular network automatically.

“How long is it going take my guys in the field and my girls in the office to learn to run this thing?” 4 minutes.

“Are we gonna need any other products or services to make this work?” No. Just turn it on and get to work.

“What if one of our iPads breaks?” Every GreaseBook iPad is enveloped in tough as nails, coffee-spill-resistant case. However, if you manage to lose or break a device, we’ll overnight another anywhere Fed-Ex delivers.

“What happens if after a month of trying it, we don’t like it, and want to go back to our pen and paper gauge reports?” Just return the pads and drop the idea altogether.

No money to lose. No contract to break. Just say, “I quit” and walk away. (However, you’re gonna like it so much you’ll be begging us for more…) GreaseBook takes all the risk off of the operator and puts it square on our shoulders.

How can we do that? Our solution is just that good.

We’ll help you increase production and reduce operating expenses to the point where every barrel of crude and every cubic foot of natural gas is extracted at the lowest possible cost. When GreaseBook rides at your side, your pumpers, your employees, and you win. Call us: 1-855-PUMP-OIL. You could be up and running on our oil production software by the end of the week…