Scheduled reports are generated every morning at 7AM and delivered straight to your in-box. Setting-up these reports is a snap, simply follow along!

First, log in to and simply select the ‘Reports’ tab on left hand side of page.

Next, select ‘Scheduled Reports’ then ‘+ New Report’.


From this screen, we can name our report, select which wells we want to include, and determine the type of report we’d like to receive.

sTEP 2b

Now, set your ‘Start Date’ (remember, these production reports are on a go-forward basis only!), ‘Frequency’ (how often you’d like to receive a report), ‘Send Delay’* (none, 24, 48, or 72 hours), and the recipient email addresses.

Step 3

Finally, click ‘Save’ and (POOF!) reports will be served hot & fresh every morning!

final step


A couple of things to bear in mind:

*”Send Delay”:

We worked this feature in for a few reasons…

First, we want pumpers to have had time to submit their data. It’s not uncommon for some pumpers to run a day or so behind on their books. And, while there are many many advantages to pumpers putting data in while at the well site (such as ability for pumpers to use historical data as a reference, ability for you to quickly identify inconsistencies such as missing oil or anomalies in the field, and accuracy of production numbers to name but a few….), we realize this doesn’t always happen.

Also, tickets generally are picked up the following day and factored into the prior day’s measurements. The Send Delay enables us to account for these modifications!

Second, and perhaps more importantly, your investors trust you. And, it’s important to maintain that trust.

Basically, it’s always a good idea to check your numbers before churning out a bunch of reports to send to any outside parties. Best practice would be to set the Scheduled Reports YOU receive with a 24 hour delay, while setting up a second Scheduled Report for your investors with the same content but with a 72 hour delay.

That way, you’ll have a couple days to review and correct any potential mistakes before they’re sent to your investors. Not only will this keep your investors happy but it will also keep those phone lines quiet, too 🙂

We hope you enjoy!

Standing by,



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