With the help of a great document we stumbled across online (see Lease Operator Jobs Done Right), we were able to come up with a few not-so-obvious reasons why it makes sense to be doing your production reports on your smartphone or tablet…

1. Keep good records. Write your gauges in a book — not on slips of paper. Maintain a safe place for run tickets (they’re hard to replace when they blow out of your truck!)

GreaseBook not only builds your production reports for you, it also submits your load tickets… simply snap a photo of your ticket, and GreaseBook will automatically attach the image to the proper tank and lease. At the end of your reporting period, simply select your 1 day, 8 day, or 30 day report, and your numbers and ticket images are dropped and emailed wherever they need to go — pretty slick…
Lease Operator
2. Whether or not its required by your reports, record tubing and casing pressures each day on those flowing wells.
With GreaseBook, you can record all sorts of measurements and pressures… separator, heater, flow line, tubing, casing… you can even attach photos to any comments you make — you’ll be rockin’ that well, and your foremen will respect you (maybe he’ll even kick you that new lease they got comin’ online?)
3. Keep your production foreman informed of what’s going on, but don’t bother him to death.
In addition to calculating your strappings and total production, GreaseBook also “auto-checks” your work (literally, the app keeps you from putting in bad measurements…)That means that the information you send your operator will be right every time, and production clerks will fall at your feet! ;-P
4. Want your pay check on-time? Turn in your reports on time.
Sending a GreaseBook production report takes about 4 seconds… even the busiest pumper has 4 seconds!
5. Do not bid for more wells than you can properly service. Eighteen is enough for a new pumper, and thirty-six for an experienced one. More can be seen after properly if they have been drilled on close spacing in the same lease.
With the time you’ll free up from not having to do paperwork, hopefully you’ll make time to pick up a few more wells. Also, if you joint pump some of your leases with other pumpers, your GreaseBook will automatically sync with theirs… it’s like sharing a virtual gauge book (which means you never have to hand off gauge books, or compile your data…)
6. Remember that not only the operator but also you yourself are legally responsible for ecological abuse.
We weren’t aware of this?! Keep a sharp eye out, folks!
Pump more oil. Waste less time. Make more money. ~ GreaseBook
Hey Lease Operators!
What if we told you landing new wells as an oilfield pumper was a snap?
What if you could pick and choose your wells at will, letting go of wells that were off the beaten path in favor of those that were closer to home?
Well, as of now, it’s not a dream anymore.
Introducing the GreaseBook ‘Pumper Mesh’ – a directory for gaugers, pumpers, lease operators, well tenders and the like – designed to introduce YOU to companies operating in the counties in which you pump.
Hang your shingle out. Get introduced to Oil and Gas Operating Companies. Get your shot at more oil field lease operator jobs. All through the Pumper Directory. All at no charge to you.
Why do this for the pumpers?
It’s just our way of saying “thanks” for being out on the front line of oil & gas.
To check out the ‘Pumper Mesh’ click here.

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