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**UPDATE! As of 7/3/2013, links are broken… most likely due to MWC being absorbed by the OERB — anyways, we hate to see such a useful document go away, so until we hear something, we will send you the link via email.

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Thank you! Oklahoma Marginal Well Commission

We just wanted to throw out a BIG “thank you!” to the Oklahoma Marginal Well Commission for putting together the Lease Pumper Handbook for pumpers, gaugers, and well tenders everywhere…

For those of you unfamiliar with the Marginal Well Commission, their mission is to define, identify, and evaluate the economic and operational factors of marginally producing oil and natural gas wells, and to ensure that appropriate efforts are made to extend the life of these wells…

What is the Lease Pumpers Handbook?

With 500 some-odd pages on the topic of “oil lease pumping”, the handbook is a great introduction for the beginner pumper — or, the one-off app company that’s breaking its back to make great software for operators and their pumpers :-)

You can also download the handbook at these places: 

  • has the handbook 
  • MWC has posted PDF hot-links to every chapter. 
  • has scraped and re-posted the contents of the pumper’s handbook

Enjoy!! … ’cause we certainly did!

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