Hello media friends. If you’re looking for photos you can use, here they are.

We’re very comfortable with all formats. To give you a little background, we’ve done industry talk shows (Energy Makers Show), print features (CNBC, Hart’s E&P Magazine, American Oil & Gas Reporter, The Oklahoman), radio (Exploring Energy Show), live industry conferences (SOER MidContinent Digital Oilfield Conference, SURGE Pitch Day, University of Texas Energy Week), and digital variants of all types.

Please find our Founder’s bio (Greg Archbald) here.

Also, a few samples are embedded below…


Russ Capper’s “The Energy Makers Show”

SURGE Pitch Day

During SURGE Day at the House of Blues in downtown Houston, GreaseBook pitches its new oil production software platform to a group of more than 500 investors, thought leaders, and potential clients in the energy industry…

Attended by heavy hitters like ShellStatOilConocoPhilips, and Schlumberger, GreaseBook explains how what once was only available to the largest of operators can now be replicated by the independent oilman, with better results, in less than 20 minutes…

Being an independent operator has never been so good!!


Other notable press (click each image for further review):

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