Hey, Guys, this is Brian with MAC 5 Energy. I’m out on location today, but I had to stop for a moment and tell you about a little secret called GreaseBook…

My partners and I started MAC 5 about a year and half ago. We bought a bunch of wells, bunch of leases, hired several pumpers that had been pumping these leases for a long time. And for a while, we were pumping, engaging our leases, the same old-fashioned way that it’s been done forever where the pumper would write down his gauges, send them to a production supervisor. After he wrote them down, he’d send it to the office. If we were lucky, we would get accurate gauges after about a couple of days, sometimes as much as a week. We’ve all been there…

I knew that there had to be a better way and today’s day and today’s technology, I just had to think that there was a company that could do it. Stumbled across Greg at GreaseBook. I set up an appointment, talked to him over the phone, really fell in love with the idea. It was exactly what we needed. We signed up, we got iPads to our pumpers, we’re all digital now. They gauge their leases, right there on the spot. As soon as they hit enter, we get their reports. I can customize these reports, I can send them to 100 people, I can send them to 10 people, I can send them to just myself. We have it on automatic, get it every morning. Get the numbers.

From a management perspective, it’s the best thing that we’ve done to report production so that I can share with my partners and my employees and my staff, exactly where we are every day. And more importantly, the activities that we do in the field, what effects those have on our production, and we don’t have to wait the days and go through all the pen and paper that the old business has been doing for a long, long time. Get with the program, get with the new technology. It’s fantastic, it’s easy to learn. You guys can do it. We did it, we love it, and that’s it. I appreciate it.

Have a good day!

– Brian G.,

CFO & Managing Parter of Mac 5 Energy

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